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Enterprise development goals

Establishing international engineering company and establishing modern enterprise system

CCTEG Chongqing Engineering Co.,Ltd. in the industry has been formed in the engineering survey, design, supervision and construction general contracting as the main body, leading to the construction, municipal, industrial and environmental protection in the industry pattern, the remarkable results were achieved in all fields. In the future, will be more prominent buildings, municipal and environmental forces; in the industry, adhere to the survey and design industry, the steady development of project supervision consulting industry, and actively carry out to the owners agent project management as the core and the turnkey project as the core of the project construction general contracting business, close to international engineering company model; in the system, to the modern enterprise system.

Management policy

People-oriented, honest and law-abiding, careful planning, scientific management, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Management policy is the purpose and direction of our company's management, but also a solemn commitment to the community. Leaders at all levels and all employees must deeply understand the connotation of the management policy, and take practical action to seriously implement the.

Enterprise spirit

To the quality of survival, the product tree image

To win customers in good faith to win the market in order to win customers

To the cause of the team, to promote the development of innovation

The company

The promise is a big thing.

Your success is our greatest success.

Employee behavior requirements

Diligence, love, dedication, unity, innovation

Corporate image

Fixed name, name, business name and abbreviation English English abbreviated name. Fixed corporate logo, fixed enterprise name logo color, unified brand (parent company), a unified "lecture", unified image, unified security management, unified brand image format and color.